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‘Winter is not the death of the life cycle, but it’s crucible.’


We were beyond thrilled to supply candles for an end of year retreat hosted by bestselling author, Katherine May.


Renamed* for the retreat in honour of her beautiful and wise book ‘Wintering’, our hand poured candle blends cypress & petitgrain essential oils.


A beautiful warming fragrance designed to ground and calm your senses.


If you’ve not yet read Katherine’s comforting words, head to her website  


*keen Winterfold customers will know this as Dappled Light

Petigrain is known to lower stress levels, boost confidence and bring a sense of positivity. The perfect scent to aid concentration, or light at the end of a busy day.

Top Notes: fresh, herbaceous, evergreen,
Middle Notes: orange zest
Base notes: warm woods


Wintering Essential Oil Scented Candle

  • Burn Time: Small approx 20hrs, Standard approx. 30 hours, Large approx 40hrs
    Volume: small = 120ml, Standard = 180ml, Large = 250ml
    Ingredients: Coconut & rapeseed wax / cotton & paper wick / essential oils

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