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Our hand blended diffusers are perfect for any room in your home, providing low maintenance, beautiful scents for several months. 


Flame free, our diffusers come with six natural fibre reeds. You will notice that the reeds become saturated after a few weeks, then the evaporation will begin to slow down prolonging the life of your diffuser.



Unscrew the gold cap, place the reeds into the amber bottle. Our reeds do not require turning to maintain the scent throw. But if you want a fresh burst of scent, simply flip the reeds while holding them in some tissue paper, ensuring to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.





Winterfold Diffusers

  • We ship on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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    USA customers please note, imports under $800 are exempt from customs declarations and import duty/taxes. You may however have to pay local sales tax on the value of the goods for your state which would be collected by the courier/USPS. No UK taxes are charged on your orders.

    US flat rate shipping for orders under £120 = £22


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    • 2kg plus £17.99

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