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Long lazy summer days, blend into long lazy summer evenings bathed in golden light, with the Solstice at its zenith. 

If you could bottle the honeyed, golden light of the Solstice, this would be it’s fragrance!

Blending calming lemon balm, miraculous clary sage and precious neroli, this candle is an instant mood-boost. Bursts of bright citrus are tempered by floral top notes, underpined with golden amber.

Top note: delicate florals
Middle Notes: bright citrus zest
Base Notes: sweet tobacco, golden amber 

Solstice Essential Oil Scented Rapeseed & Coconut Wax Candle

  • Burn Time: Small approx 20hrs, Standard approx. 30 hours, Large approx 40hrs

    Volume: Small =120ml, Standard =180ml, Large = 250ml

    Ingredients: Coconut & rapeseed wax / cotton & paper wick / essential oils

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