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~ Misty Mornings ~


Ethereal veils of mist hang in the valleys, draped over trees and hillsides, there's a chill in the dawn air and fallen leaves crunch underfoot. Autumn's ephemeral beauty. 


With a base of ancient cedar and warm amber, Misty Mornings blends calming lavender, a hint of cleansing eucalyptus with heavenly drifts of sea salt. Fresh, crisp and calming.


Top notes: bergamot & sea salt

Heart notes: lavender

Base notes: ancient cedarwood, amber

Misty Mornings Scented Rapeseed and Coconut Wax Candle

  • Burn Time: Small approx 20hrs, Standard approx. 30 hours, Large approx 40hrs
    Volume: Small = 120ml, Standard = 180ml, Large = 250ml
    Ingredients: Coconut & rapeseed wax / cotton & paper wick / fragrance oils

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