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K I T C H E N  G A R D E N


Our botanical blend of lavender, rosemary and thyme essential oils captures the essence of the kitchen garden. Calming, cleansing and uplifting.


Lavender is known for its calming qualities, lifting mood and lowering blood pressure. Rosemary energizes the mind and boosts memory. Thyme imparts courage. 


We love burning this essential oil candle in the kitchen or bathroom for a herbaceous lift.

Top note: floral, herbal
Middle note: eucalyptus
Base notes: woods, pine


Kitchen Garden Essential Oil Candle

  • Burn Time: Small approx 20hrs, Standard approx. 30 hours, Large approx 40hrs

    Volume: Small =120ml, Standard =180ml, Large = 250ml


    Ingredients: Coconut & rapeseed wax / cotton & paper wick / essential oils

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