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The depths of winter. Cold days and colder nights. The dark drawing in, making daylight hours seem fleeting. 


During the dark days, we seek comfort and cosiness. Woolly blankets. Fireside warmth. Soft lighting. 


Our Darkling Sky candle is the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent in hibernation. 


The scent of mellow figs enwrapped in warm woods and balanced with just a hint of fresh green leaves. 


Top notes: fresh green leaves

Heart note: figs

Base notes: warm woods

Darkling Sky Scented Candle

  • Burn Time: Small = approx 20hrs, Standard approx. 30 hours, Large approx 40hrs.

    Volume: Small = 120ml, Standard = 180ml, Large = 250ml 

    Ingredients: Coconut & rapeseed wax / cotton & paper wick / fragrance oils

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